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Boost fan engagement through gamification

Fan Empowerment
in Your Hands

Strengthen fan loyalty, attract Gen Z and elevate sponsor value for teams

Ignite the thrill of fan engagement through gamified experiences! Onsite Sport unleashes the fun, allowing sports teams to magnetize, retain, and elevate your entire fan base — and your collaborators.

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a match made in fan engagement heaven

We're passionate about sports and committed to strengthening team and fan' bonds. With an understanding of the interactive preferences of the younger generation, we seamlessly integrate gaming elements, ensuring your team or league remains relevant and captivating for the next fan generation.

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Unleash the Power of IMMERSIVE SPORT

At Onsite Sport, we are passionate about transforming the landscape of sports engagement for teams and leagues. Our cutting-edge platform is designed to seamlessly integrate technology with the essence of sports, creating an immersive experience that resonates with fans, players, and sponsors alike.

gamified features 

Immerse your fans in a world where spirit points fuel the journey, a gamified look enhances visual delight, and dopamine rushes keep them hooked.

Magnetize gen z

Capture the hearts of the young crowd with a gamified platform. Explore new dimensions to engage the next generation in thrilling ways.

Boost Fan Engagement 

Our platform enables you to deliver exclusive content to captivate your audience and drive them straight to the arena. 

Increased sponsor value 

Maximize sponsorship impact and reach a dynamic audience in a new, innovative way. Elevate your brand visibility and engagement.

how it works

Step 1 in Onsite Sport co-op process

Dive into the ultimate app experience! Choose functions tailored to your teams and fan engagement desires. Customize your journey, elevate team spirit, and immerse your fans in a world where every tap unlocks a new level of fan engagement magic. Your app, your rules!

Step 2 in Onsite Sport co-op process

Let Onsite Sport turn your vision into reality. We set tailored future deadlines and engage in a dialogue that thrives on teamwork. We'll make sure your whole team is on board through interactive workshops. Get ready to witness your dreams realized with our expertise!

Step 3 in Onsite Sport co-op process

With our user-friendly interface, publishing and engaging with content becomes a breeze. Simplify your workflow and empower your team to effortlessly manage and publish content, fostering seamless fan engagement with your fans and crowd.

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Benefits for teams


Enhance your fan connection and tap into the passion that fuels sports enthusiasts with valuable insights that resonate with the heart of your audience.


Redefine your sponsorship strategies with a virtual space that elevates brand visibility and engagement with team-tailored experiences.


With a focus on reaching the young audience, our platform provides a unique opportunity for teams to connect with the future crowd of sports fans.

Gather digital content

Elevate engagement by offering exclusive content that resonates with the heart of your audience, ensuring your true fans have front seats to the action.

monetize FAN LOYALTY

The Onsite Sport platform provides innovative ways to monetize fan loyalty and turn fan devotion into tangible support for your team.

Highlight the players

By showcasing your talents, teams not only empower individual athletes but also fuel a new level of fan engagement.


for your fans

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5G URSP Ready

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Videogame Look & Feel

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Avatars & Friendslists

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Scoring, Levels & Rewards

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On-arena Live Cameras

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Real-time Streaming Tech

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3D Digital Twin Arena

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Predictions & Polls

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Progression Charts

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High Tech Support

Influencer Mode

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Loot-boxes & Collectables

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Seamlessly Integrated Stats

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Sponsor Tailored Mini-games

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NFT Content Ready

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Augmented Reality Games

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Chat & Social Media Add-ons

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