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Cross-country 360 VR video

Want to know more about Onsite Sport's unique solution for experiencing sports? Watch this 360-video of cross-country skiing, best experienced in VR.

The video was created by Onsite sport for an innovation pitch in collaboration with Falu municipality, Svenska Skidspelen and Infront/FIS.

Onsite Sport is the digitalization of fan experience, redefining the future of sport. We are offering exciting new ways to enjoy sports: live or from home by using its technical platform and gamification to develop digital sport fan apps that transforms the fan experience and strengthen the fan engagement, drives more fans to the stadiums, and builds brand value and drives new avenues of growth.

TENSION ONSITE™ provides us with a groundbreaking patented technical platform, tailored to experience any sport event in exciting and flexible ways with ultra-low latency streaming(<300ms), multi-angle coverage (OTS), extended reality (XR/VR/AR), GPS tracking, 3D visualizations and enhanced with 5G communication.

Fun fact: With Onsite, the world’s first 5G app “KT Omni view” was created together with Ericsson for the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang.🌟


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