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Join us as Lead Engineer/CTO and co-founder


Co-founder and Lead Engineer/CTO

This is a unique opportunity to lead engineering for Onsite Sport as our co-founder and CTO.

Onsite Sport is a startup sportstech studio redefining sports by combining games with sports into an immersive experience.

We want you to be our partner and lead the engineering that builds this immersive future.

Role Overview

Onsite Sport is, with our game development heritage, engineering a white-label sports fan-engagement mobile-first application for the future generation. A way to get people back to sports live action and stadiums, where we need you to lead these engineering efforts.

Fredrik leads as the CEO and Magnus leads as Head of Sales and Business development. And together with the support from the experienced Tension development team, you will lead the engineering work and strategy with the focus on building the team, aligning goals, creating customer value and always improving.

This position is in a startup with the opportunities to build and shape the development, product and the culture of Onsite Sport. We’re looking for a curious and courageous teammate that we together trustfully will go for “To infinity and beyond”.

You May Be a Fit if You

  • Passion for sports

  • Like games

  • Passion for tech

  • Courageous to innovate

  • Love app development and architecture

  • Love to build company and teams

  • Comfortable in a company lead role

  • Hunger to develop = people, product, company

Why You Might Be Excited About Us

  • We love and have a long and deep experience in game development.

  • We love sports, games and tech (even better if combined :)

  • We have partnerships with some big tech companies (Ericsson, Aruba(Hewlett Packard company), Advania).

  • We have built companies on agile values before, and we love to work in an agile company environment.

  • We have legal and administrational support established.

  • The Sportstech market is growing significantly.

  • You will get to work with technology in the forefront, WEB3, 5G, IoT, VR, AR, 3D, etc.

  • You’ll get to hang around with sports athletes and stars.

  • You’ll get to hang around with game developers.

  • You will get to learn a lot.

  • We do this out of passion!


Time expectation: Start as soon as possible

Location: We are a hybrid organisation based in Stockholm & Falun, Sweden. We’d slightly prefer someone based in this area, but are open to remote candidates, in which case you'd join us for visits.

Compensation: This is a co-founder position, so we don’t have lots of money (yet!), but we'll offer shares in joining our exciting journey and will agree on our company benefits together.


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