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Onsite Sport joins Ericsson 5G Startup

Onsite Sport can gladly unveil the participation in the Ericsson 5G Startup program. Together with other Startups, Onsite Sport has been selected as a Consumer Innovation Partner by Ericsson.

The Startup 5G program will help big, influential communications service providers such as Three, Etisalat and Telestra, to accelerate the innovation, monetization, and commercialization of 5G by introducing them to successful and innovative startups (such as Onsite sport) that can demonstrate the opportunities of 5G.

Together with Onsite Sport’s in-venue innovations, focus on gamification and 5G, the sports viewing experience can be elevated to a new level of co-creation for the individual sports fan through the company’s unique technology with multiple camera angles, 360-viewing and time slicing video, redefining the future of sports.

“Revolutionizing the way we experience sports, that’s what we do. Being a part of Ericsson Startup 5G will help us sharpen our offer and make new introductions to partners across the globe. Through 5G, we can scale up in terms of innovation with our vision to use extended reality and gamification in driving sports fan engagement”, says Fredrik Sjöö, CEO, Onsite Sport.

Being part of Ericsson Startup 5G program as a Consumer Innovation Partner, Onsite Sport will evolve the business with access to Ericsson’s worldwide network of Communication Service Providers and take part in major technology events, getting unparalleled exposure in conjunction with Ericsson.


Through a groundbreaking patented technical platform and gamification, Onsite Sport develops digital sport fan apps tailored to experience any sporting event in flexible ways with ultra-low latency streaming, multi-angle coverage, extended reality, 3D visualizations, and enhanced with 5G communication.


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