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Onsite Sport Unveils Revolutionary LIF Zone App, Transforming Fan Engagement in Collaboration with Leksands IF

Onsite Sport, an innovator in fan engagement solutions, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking app, LIF Zone, designed to redefine the fan experience for the iconic hockey club, Leksands IF.

LIF Zone, crafted with the dynamic Gen Z audience in mind, introduces a fusion of gaming features and exclusive content to capture the hearts of the next generation of hockey enthusiasts. The app offers a unique blend of videos, polls, and interactive elements, rewarding users with points for every interaction. This exclusive content is specially curated, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience not found on any other platform.

At the core of LIF Zone's innovative approach is gamification. Users ascend through levels as they accumulate points, earning coveted digital Hockey Cards with each new rank. The app also introduces a 'streak' feature, providing points for dedicated users who engage with the app consistently over multiple days.

Excitingly, being 5G URSP Ready, LIF Zone has big plans for the future, with upcoming additions, such as mini-games, promising an even more immersive experience for fans.

In a strategic move, Onsite Sport has decided to release the app in Early Access, allowing a select group of users to download and influence the app's content directly. This approach reflects Onsite Sport's commitment to incorporating user feedback and ensuring the app aligns perfectly with the fanbase's desires.

"We're thrilled to introduce LIF Zone to the world. This app is not just about engaging fans; it's about creating a vibrant community and enhancing the overall hockey experience. With features tailored for Gen Z, we believe LIF Zone will be a game-changer in fan engagement," said Fredrik Sjöö, CEO of Onsite Sport.

LIF Zone is now available for Early Access download, and Onsite Sport invites fans to be part of this exciting journey, shaping the future of fan engagement.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Emma Tranevik, Marketing & Communications Director TENSION Group

About Onsite Sport

Onsite Sport is a cutting-edge provider of fan engagement solutions, leveraging technology to create immersive and interactive experiences for sports enthusiasts. With a passion for innovation, Onsite Sport collaborates with sports organizations to elevate fan engagement. Onsite Sport is a part of the TENSION group.

About Leksands IF

Leksands IF is a storied ice hockey club based in Leksand, Dalarna, Sweden. With a rich history and a dedicated fanbase, Leksands IF holds a prominent position in hockey and is known for its commitment to excellence and community support.


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